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Gunsmith Work

 With years of experience honing our craft, there is not a lot we haven't seen.  From antique shotguns and revolvers, to modern sporting rifles, race pistols, and carry guns, we have worked on them all. There is no way to list all the work we can do, but some of our more common request include: trigger jobs/trigger kit installs, sight installs, stock installs and repair, blueing, cerakoting, parkerizing, and cleaning.  Due to the vast variety of firearms and their conditions it's not realistic to quote prices for work until we can see what is needed.  The best thing you can do is bring your firearm in for a quote.  


Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday  ............  10:00 AM to 6:00 PM    

Sunday   ....................................  11:00 AM to 4:00 PM 

Contact us

We are located at:

6062 East Lancaster Fort Worth, TX 76112.  Next to the gun range.

Phone number:

817-507-0069 Ext 3